Collection: Korowai

Maori Korowai or Kahu Huruhuru cloaks.  Real feather korowai for graduations, weddings, tangi, or to keep as a beautiful wall hanging.  Sizes vary.  Made in New Zealand. 

We call these feather cloaks Korowai, but the proper name is Kahu Huruhuru. Most people still call them korowai, including Maori.  The korowai have a taniko trim at the top, then the feathers below. To save time and money, the feathers are machine stitched to the fabric backing, and the taniko is knitted. The korowai is lined.

Traditional korowai take many months to make and are made using a muka (flax fibre) backing, with the feathers hand woven into the fabric. Those traditional kahu huruhuru are hard to find, naturally very expensive because of the amount of work involved, and will degrade more over time than the modern version.