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Boss Nuit Pour Femme by Hugo Boss EDP (75ml)

Boss Nuit Pour Femme by Hugo Boss EDP (75ml)

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Boss Nuit by Hugo Boss - Inspired by the iconic little black dress, an enduring symbol of feminine style, BOSS Nuit captures the anticipatory feeling of preparing for a night out.

The BOSS Nuit woman is graceful and sophisticated, driven and ambitious. Her fragrance reinforces this duality of strength and sensuality, ensuring that she feels confident, elegant and always at her best.

Fragrance Notes:

BOSS Nuit is an ultimately feminine and sensual fragrance with an unusual dazzling facet.

The opening of the fragrance is tempting and radiant, just like a glass of Champagne.

Juicy white peach adds a lively, fizzy character with an enticing sweetness.

The modern top is complemented with an ultra-feminine heart composed of classic white florals and violet, and a sensual warm woody drydown reminiscent of a special night.

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