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Miles Kelly, Pippi the Penguin

Miles Kelly, Pippi the Penguin

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Pippi the Penguin

Stunning sea life picture book with an adventurous story and bright illustrations for toddlers.

Pippi the Penguin is a charming picture book for children aged 3+. It tells the story of Pippi, an emperor penguin who is the best at finding food for her chick, Ella. 

  • Perfect for reading aloud to young children
  • Beautiful artwork and design
  • Original contemporary fiction 
  • Focus on animal characters in their natural habitat

Pippi is brilliant at swimming, sliding and diving – the other penguins can barely keep up with her! But when Ella goes missing, Pippi realises that she needs the help of her colony, and it's time to share her skills. 

Beautifully illustrated by Jean Claude, a self-taught illustrator from the UK who is currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. When he's not drawing, he loves making ceramics, visiting the botanical gardens and baking bread. 

Written by Catherine Veitch, a highly experienced UK children’s writer. Catherine has a passion for inspiring children's imaginations and curiosity about the world through heartfelt stories.

As well as being a delight to share, picture books are an important learning tool for very young readers. Not only do they help build first words and sentences, they also encourage story analysis and can help spark a lifelong love of reading.

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