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Ngati Porou Korowai Cape

Ngati Porou Korowai Cape

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This Korowai Cape is specially made to represent those of Ngati Porou descent, but is also available for anyone who would like to wear one.

The correct Maori name for a feather cloak is kahu huruhuru or kakahu, but most people still call it a korowai.

This beautiful feather cloak is made by a lovely Maori lady, herself of Ngati Porou descent. She makes them using a sewing machine, making the garment affordable.  She was shown the method of making the korowai by a Northland kuia, and she blesses each korowai with a karakia.

The korowai cape measures approximately 101cm x 66cm (39 3/4" x 26"). Perfect for shorter people or those who do not want a full length korowai.

The top of the cape is finished with a knitted Yellow, White and Black taniko band.  The colour Yellow is there to represent the Ngati Porou maunga Hikurangi, the first point in New Zealand and indeed the world, to see the sun. 

The taniko design represents manaia and wairua. Te Manaia is a bird like figure that has supernatural powers and is a spiritual guardian. Te Manaia has the head of a bird, body of a man, and the tail of a fish, representing the balance between water, earth and sky. Maori regard Te Manaia as the unseen light surrounding each of us. You can liken it to a bird sitting on your shoulder as a guardian guiding your spirit.  The rest of the taniko is in a poutama (stairway to heaven) design. The poutama design symbolises a climb made by Tanenui-a-rangi, who climbed to the heavens to receive 3 baskets of knowledge and 2 stones or whatukura (of knowledge and mana) from the supreme being, Io. The series of steps denote the steps of progress and advancement through education. From this will emerge rangatira (chiefs and leaders of the future). In the middle of the poutama design is a V meeting with another V. That represents our ancestral meeting house, the Wharenui. It symbolises the gathering and bringing together of all whanau, iwi, and cultures.

The feathers at the top are white, to represent snow on the maunga. Below that are purple feathers.  The purple feathers below the white signifies the colour of the ribbon on the  Victoria Cross awarded to Lt Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa Ngarimu (a courageous Ngati Porou soldier during WW II), and the C Company of the 28th Māori Battalion.

All our korowai are made in New Zealand by a very talented Maori lady. She makes them using a sewing machine, making the garment affordable.

Please note that if we are out of stock at the time you order, allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture.

Proudly made in New Zealand.

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