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WoodWick Trilogy Candle Large - Verdant Earth

WoodWick Trilogy Candle Large - Verdant Earth

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Verdant Earth

Our fragrance curators have layered the scents of Sand & Driftwood, Hemp & Ivy, and White Teak to embody the earthy feel of a forest path. Fragrance layers, top to bottom: Sand & Driftwood: A perfect balance of sun-washed wood, sea grass, and soft white sand.; Hemp & Ivy: Wild climbing ivy and verdant clover with hints of hemp seed and sandalwood.; White Teak: Crisp balsam branches mixed with sandalwood and teak, with hints of tree moss and cedarwood.



  • Wooden wick, glass jar, blend of parafin and soy wax
  • 7"" H x 3.88"" W x 3.88"" D
  • Burn time of up to 120 hours
  • Candle capacity: 22 oz
  • Clean, contemporary design featuring an hourglass shape
  • High quality wooden lid to contain aroma when not in use
  • Patented Pluswick™ technology, designed to ensure a safe & consistent crackle experience


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