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WoodWick Trilogy Candle Medium - Autumn Embers

WoodWick Trilogy Candle Medium - Autumn Embers

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Experience the soothing sound, premium fragrance and clean burn of unique WoodWick Candles. These beautiful candles feature a natural wooden wick that creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire as it burns. Enjoy three harmonious fragrances and the soothing sound of a crackling wooden wick. Each layer of wax contains a different fragrance that compliments the next so as the candle burns, each fragrance melts into the next, creating a unique new scent. Using only a high quality soy wax blend and premium fragrance, each WoodWick Candle is carefully crafted by experienced candle makers passionate about creating the best candles possible.

Autumn Embers

Our fragrance curators have layered the scents of Smoked Walnut & Maple, Evening Bonfire, and Wood Smoke to create the ideal autumn evening. Fragrance layers, top to bottom: Smoked Walnut & Maple: An indulgent combination of smoked woods and charred nuts sweetened with maple; Evening Bonfire: The inviting scent of warm woods brings memories of cool nights around a smoldering fire with your dearest friends; Wood Smoke: The genuine scents of cedar and glowing embers bring authenticity to this sophisticated, smoky fragrance.. This medium candle has an impressive burn time of up to 60 hours.

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