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Easy Pop-up 4-Person Outdoor Tents

Easy Pop-up 4-Person Outdoor Tents

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Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort with our Quick Automatic Opening Camping Tent! Designed to make outdoor adventures effortless, this tent boasts a range of features that cater to your every need.

1. Instant Setup: Simply throw lightly and watch it open instantly, providing wide and permeable space for 3-4 people. Multiple windows ensure ample ventilation, making it spacious and breathable even on warm days.

2. Easy to Use: With its intuitive design, opening the tent is as easy as a gentle throw, making it perfect for anyone, including women.

3. Privacy and Protection: Enjoy full privacy with the inclusion of a full door gauze while staying protected against mosquitoes. The thick and wear-resistant PE waterproof tent bottom ensures durability and comfort.

4. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality solid fiberglass struts, this tent is built to last. Its excellent flexibility and durability mean it won't break, even after multiple folding tests.

5. Humanized Design: Featuring a vestibular design and double curtains, this tent offers a more thoughtful layout for added convenience.

6. Optimal Ventilation: Four-corner air vents ensure continuous air circulation, maintaining a comfortable environment even when fully enclosed.

Ideal for 3-4 people, this tent expands to a generous dimension of 280x200x120cm while folding down to a compact size of 90x4.5cm for easy storage and transport. Available in vibrant Green, Blue, or Yellow, it's the perfect choice for park leisure or outdoor camping adventures.

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