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Heart Shaped Wooden Music Boxes

Heart Shaped Wooden Music Boxes

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Heart Shaped Wooden Music Box

Show your loved one just how much you care with the Heart Shaped Wooden Music Box! Crafted from high quality wood, this unique and special gift is sure to make a lasting impression. A perfect way to say "I love you" for any special occasion.

Materials: Wood

Size: 3.5''×3.3''x1.8"

Key Features

✅ Made of premium wood, heart shaped and beautifully carved, and it can play clear melodies.

✅ Lightweight and cute, portable design can be placed in the palm, small bag, bedroom desk, etc.

✅ Just tighten the spring easily, then loosen to play classic music. Perfect as a gift for a friend, spouse, lover, relative or your own.

✅ It is also suitable for decorating your desk, dresser and other places.

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