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LED Wooden Alarm Clock

LED Wooden Alarm Clock

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Elevate your timekeeping experience with our LED Wooden Alarm Clock with Voice Control! 

Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this alarm clock is the perfect addition to your nightstand, bedside, or office desk. With its voice control feature, setting the time and alarms is as easy as speaking up!

Featuring a clear 12/24 hour display, you'll always stay on track, while the Quiet Mode ensures a peaceful night's sleep. Need a few extra Z's? The convenient Doze function has got you covered!

Powered by either USB or AAA batteries, this clock offers both reliability and flexibility. Say goodbye to late appointments and missed deadlines.

Item Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Wooden Pattern
Color: As Pictures Show
Type: Square
Size: 60x60x60MM
Starting up/Reset: Press Reset button to reset, 0-9 digital screen display
Clock Function: Hour, minute and temperature, which can be switched between 12-hour system and 24-hour system
Voice Control Function: Under the power saving mode, it can rouse display when voice is in the close range or larger than 60dB.
Three Display Modes: dp-1: Display time or date and temperature in turn; dp-2: maintain current set display; dp-3: only display time and temperature
Alarm Function: Available to set three alarms
Temperature Switchable Display ℃/℉; temperature measuring range: ℃ (0℃-50℃); ℉ (32℉-122℉)
Power supply mode: 3AAA/4AAA battery (not included) and/or USB-powered
Package Included:
1xUSB Power Cable
1xUser Manual

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