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Army Camo Hunting Camouflage Stealth Tape

Army Camo Hunting Camouflage Stealth Tape

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Army Camo Hunting Camouflage Stealth Tape, the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Crafted for adventurers, our camping and hunting camouflage stealth tape offers unparalleled versatility and performance. Whether you're seeking insulation against cold surfaces or aiming to blend seamlessly into your surroundings, this tape delivers on all fronts.

Designed with a weak glue that leaves no sticky residue upon removal, it provides a reliable grip without compromising the integrity of your gear. From weapons to torches, bottles, and beyond, its brilliant camouflage veiling ensures maximum discretion in any environment.

Not just for the military, our tape is a must-have for anyone working or playing in the great outdoors. Use it for basic covering, camouflage equipment, minor repairs, or concealment assistance – the possibilities are endless.


Width: 2.5 cm

Length: 4.5 m

Material: Non-woven natural latex

Colors: Jungle Camouflage, ACU Camouflage, Grass Green Camouflage, Desert Camouflage

Fabric Type: Nonwoven

Gear up with confidence and stealth with our Army Camo Hunting Camouflage Stealth Tape. Wherever your adventures take you, trust in the reliability and versatility of our premium tape.

Note: There will be slight pattern differences with each color option due to varied Manufacturers.

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