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Ultra Comfy Barefoot Boots

Ultra Comfy Barefoot Boots

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Introducing the Ultra Comfy Barefoot Boots! These adorable little boots are designed to support your child's natural and healthy development.

They've been tested and trusted by leading US podiatrists and are easy to put on and take off. Plus, they stay on! Your child will love wearing these boots, and you'll love how they help build your child's confidence while keeping them supported.

The Ultra Comfy Barefoot Boots are also easy to clean - just throw them in the washing machine with your normal load. Give your child the best start with the Ultra Comfy Barefoot Boots!


16 (Insole 12.0 cm)
17 (Insole 12.5 cm)
18 (Insole 13.0 cm)
19 (Insole 13.5 cm)
22 (Insole 14.0 cm)
23 (Insole 14.5 cm)
24 (Insole 15.0 cm)
25 (Insole 15.5 cm)

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