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Soft Turtleneck Skivvies

Soft Turtleneck Skivvies

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When winter arrives, you want to ensure your child is kept warm and comfortable. With our Soft Turtleneck Skivvies for Boys and Girls, your child will be both fashionable and cozy all season long. This stylish turtleneck is the perfect long sleeve top for any occasion.

These Soft Turtleneck Skivvies provide optimal comfort and protection from cold weather. The gentle fabric makes it comfortable enough for everyday wear, or as an additional layer when taking part in outdoor activities. Your child can look good while enjoying the outdoors to the fullest! Our Soft Turtleneck Skivvies offer an unbeatable combination of warmth, convenience, style and comfort - making them the must-have garment for any winter wardrobe.


Material: Warm Brushed Knitted Fabric

Size: 80-90-100-110-120-130, available for 1-6years kids

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