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Espen Nordic Socks Classic Collection (5 pairs)

Espen Nordic Socks Classic Collection (5 pairs)

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Fearless and elegant. Strong and timeless. Color and softness. Masculine and feminine. Life is neither black nor white, but true comfort lies in the contrasts that give our existence diversity.

Today, take the time to spend a relaxing moment indoors with your loved one. A friend, a family member, a significant other, someone near and dear to your heart. Our Espen set with its confident, solid stripes and bold heels is here to share this special moment with you.

The Espen bundle consists of five unisex pairs of socks that will suit both you and all your loved ones.

  • 5 pairs of socks 
  • Features: stylish nordic pattern, soft-touch, comfortable, warm, durable, unisex
  • Material: wool, acrylic, polyester, elastane
  • Delivery time: between 6-16 business days
  • Sizes
  • Medium: Men's US size 5-8. Women's US size 4-9
  • Large: Men's US size 9-11. Women's US size 10-12
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