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Mint + Cocoa Nibs - Bennetto Fairtrade Chocolate 100gm

Mint + Cocoa Nibs - Bennetto Fairtrade Chocolate 100gm

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Delicious Peruvian dark chocolate with a generous amount of toasted hazelnut pieces. No added soy, gluten or dairy Ingredients: cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, toasted hazelnuts, Madagascar vanilla beans.

Fair trade certified - Vegan/dairy free - All natural ingredients

Founded by Lucy Bennetto, Bennetto Natural Foods Company is based in Christchurch and pays careful consideration to our people, our animals and our planet, and at every step look at ways to minimise their footprint the best they can. They use fair trade cocoa beans, and use natural, organic ingredients, to make incredible, carbon neutral, vegan chocolate. They support communities by ethically sourcing their cocoa from the Peruvian Fairtrade cooperative or Acopagro, both Fairtrade cooperatives at the base of the Amazon Jungle in Peru, made up of 2000 small-scale farmers. This long-standing cooperative supports education, opportunities for women and reforestation in the Amazon.

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