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Ginger and Polygonum Hair Growth Shampoo Soap

Ginger and Polygonum Hair Growth Shampoo Soap

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Ginger and Polygonum Organic Hair Growth Shampoo Bars – a revolutionary solution for promoting healthy hair growth and nourishment. This cold-processed soap combines the power of ginger and polygonum, two potent plant ingredients known for their hair-enhancing properties.

Say goodbye to chemical-laden shampoos and hello to pure plant-based care. With our shampoo bar, you'll experience the benefits of natural hair care in a convenient and eco-friendly form. Elevate your hair care routine with our innovative Ginger Polygonum Soap Hair Growth Shampoo Soap – the perfect choice for those seeking vibrant and revitalized hair.

Specification: Size: 60g

 Package Included: 1 Shampoo Soap

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